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Exploring the Will for Success: What Motivates People to Struggle for Change

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Challenges, obstacles, and a continuous quest for improvement often mark the journey toward success. What compels individuals to embrace this struggle for change willingly, and what fuels the unwavering will for success? Delving into the motivations that drive people to overcome adversity and strive for positive transformation unveils a complex interplay of internal and external factors.

1. Intrinsic Motivation:

At the core of the will for success lies intrinsic motivation—the internal drive to achieve personal goals for personal fulfillment. Whether fueled by passion, a sense of purpose, fear of the consquencies of not changing one’s life, or the desire for self-improvement, intrinsic motivation empowers individuals to persist in facing challenges. It reflects an innate need for growth and achievement beyond external rewards.

2. Vision and Goal Setting:

A clear vision and well-defined goals are potent motivators for those on the path to success. The ability to visualize a desired future and set achievable objectives provide a roadmap for success . This vision acts as a beacon, guiding individuals through struggles and setbacks and instilling a sense of direction that propels them forward.

what motivates people to struggle for change

Realistic goal-setting also fosters a positive mindset, as it acknowledges the importance of owning one’s current circumstances while providing a framework for growth and improvement.

3. Overcoming Adversity:

Adversity often becomes a catalyst for change. Individuals who have faced significant challenges may find themselves propelled by a deep-seated determination to overcome adversity. The will to rise above hardships, learn from setbacks, and turn challenges into opportunities is a potent force that drives people toward success.  Ronald D. Steele, in his memoir, ‘To Be Loved: Ain’t Gonna Be Denied,’ began to see adversity as his friend, a tool for growth.  “Adversity sharpens senses,” Steele says. “Each time you overcome adversity, you grow, and it should give you confidence in dealing with the next adversity, knowing that you will overcome it, like you overcame the last.  Accepting adversity and overcoming it, strengthens your resolve, your confidence, your self-esteem.”

4. External Validation and Recognition:

While intrinsic motivation is crucial, external validation and recognition can also be powerful motivators. Positive feedback, acknowledgment of achievements, and the admiration of peers contribute to a sense of accomplishment. The desire for external validation can act as a catalyst, propelling individuals to work harder and achieve more.

5. Passion and Love for the Craft:

Passion for one’s work or chosen path can fuel an unyielding will for success. When individuals genuinely love what they do, the intrinsic joy derived from the process becomes a powerful motivator. This passion sustains them through challenges and enhances creativity, resilience, and the overall quality of their work.

6. Role Models and Inspiration:

Having role models or sources of inspiration can significantly impact one’s will for success. Observing the achievements of others, learning from their experiences, and aspiring to emulate their success can ignite a profound desire for personal growth and change. Role models provide a tangible representation of what is possible, inspiring individuals to reach higher heights.

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The journey toward success becomes not only a pursuit of external goals but also a deeply personal and transformative experience fueled by an unwavering will for positive change.

Ronald D. Steele’s memoir is a powerful testament to the unwavering resilience inherent in the human spirit. The potential for boundless growth and personal transformation is vividly demonstrated through his journey, transitioning from a challenging past to a life marked by remarkable success and fulfillment. This memoir illustrates that overcoming adversities is within reach for everyone, necessitating self-determination and a firm belief in one’s ability to achieve greatness.

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